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About Us

Our Vision

A PARK IS A PLACE. A place full of colors. A place with variations. And a place with order. Park means peace. An environment full of breathing life. Every tree, bush or flower in a park has certain characteristics. Different size, ditferent shape, different function as well. However, no plant has the ability to fight others. No capacity to envy, hate, resent or boast. The park gardener makes sure that all different members of vegetation have their space, their right to thrive, sprout and flourish without being dominated or suppressed by other species. The differences, variations and facets coming together in unity is exactly what composes the beauty of a park.


A park is attractive. It is a place where people enjoy to dwell. Aung San Suu Kyi park in Froland is such a place. On the outside, it represents the harmony of colors, features and elements of pure Norwegian scenery. In the middle of the park is the bust of The Lady. It is erected in front of a precisely replicated, colorful map of the Union of Myanmar. This is our park, and the word OUR is very important.

Our Symbol

Our park is a symbol of something even deeper and higher. It reflects dreams, aspirations and values in the hearts of people. There are some names, some linchpins, some visionaries connected to our park. But it is in the park's spirit to avoid focusing much on names, beyond the name of the Leader who is our common inspirer. Her struggle, her courage and her wisdom are for us a beacon light.


What goes deeper and rages higher than our physical park, is what we call «The Park in our hearts». This is our Park Vision: that every one of us decides to view all other members of our human family as friends, as unique individuals with many differences, but with the same value, rights and obligations. Each one of us has the same inherent right to live, thrive and contribute to the grandness of unity in diversity.

It is easy to agree to such words in principle. It is much harder to live those words in our daily lives. It's all about our hearts. That is where love grows, that is where we choose to respect, accept and honor one another. On the contrary, our heart is also the place where all the things we don't wish, can easily grow. Greed, supremacy, suspicions. Ange, revenge and bitterness - the defects of humanity which cause disunity, fear and even wars. In homes and families, as well as in communities and among nations.

Our park vision is to bring unity in diversity. It is achievable if we allow it to happen in our hearts. We challenge and encourage every visitor in our park and at our page to commit himself and herself to this purpose, by signing our Park Purpose and thus be granted the honorof being an Aung San Suu Kyi Park Signatory. Nobody can assess the sincerity of those who choose to sign. Only you can examine yourself. Your own conscience will be your guard. As members of the Executive Committee of Aung San Suu Kyi Park in Norway, responsible for the Park and the Park Vision, we encourage everyone to let the Park Purpose be a guiding tool for your life in the grand park of humanity. Welcome to sign, and congratulations!

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